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Pleasant Prairie Solar 250-Megawatt project

Large scale solar facilities in Ohio are regulated by the Ohio Power Sitting Board and are made up of top officials from various state agencies. Being that the Pleasant Prairie solar project is a state project it trumps all County and Township zoning. Prairie Township Trustees have no vote in this project. Prairie Township voted to be an intervenor in this case so the township could negotiate in good faith with Invenergy to address as many of our residents’ concerns as possible.

As with any large economic project there are residents both for and against this project. You have landowners and farmers for the project because it gives them a way to diversify income. You have the local homeowners that live closest to the project that have a whole list of concerns that mainly addresses aesthetics and environmental issues.

This project is also generating addition income to SWCS (1,113,264.00) and to Prairie Township Fire Dept. (261,438.00) a year. This should help extend the life of their levies.

Knowing that the township had no governing authority over large solar project my stance has been I’m neutral on this project. I hear and understand both sides concerns and issues. My goal as being the Township intervenor is to make this project the best it can be for all residents both for and against this project. Please click the below links on solar articles.

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