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This page is here to deal with social media untrue or false statements and any other negative campaign material by other candidates.  In today’s world with social media you can’t directly address most things on social media unless you are a friend of the person posting. If you try to reply to a misleading statement your post will be deleted. If you see anything that you would like a reply to please email skenne1@aol.com

Cathy Campaign Flyer Quote

As a Trustee to pass or accomplish anything, two votes are necessary for it to pass. One vote or my one vote cannot do it alone.

Steve’s response 

I agree with Cathy’s quote. It take a majority to pass any motion or resolution. Other than Cathy voting no on lifeguard raises I can’t remember any time in the last 4 years that Cathy has been out voted on any motion or resolution that has come before the board. For her to say differently is misleading. Click this link to see the last 4 years of Board actions.  http://www.prairietownship.com/Board%20actions%202018-2021.pdf