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 While running for office in 2005 I made a couple of statements, the first was the Township needed to live within its means. During 2002 -2005 Prairie Township spent $3,991,287 over their revenue. The previous board had already approved the 2006 budget that was going to pull another $300,000.00 from the township’s rainy-day fund. That first year in office required the Board to make some difficult decisions of cutting some staff and realigning appropriations but by the end of the first year we had succeeded in not only balancing the budget but adding $112,235.00 back to the rainy-day fund. For the last 16 years the boards I have been a part of have worked hard on passing balanced budgets and staying within them. Township currently has a Standard and Poors AA rating.

The second statement was that the township could use existing laws to handle most of the weeds, grass and trash complaints the township was receiving at the time. We implemented a very fair nuisance process that gives residents a chance to correct the issue before due process starts. Our current process follows orc 505.86 and 505.87 and has served the town ship well since 2006.


 First term accomplishments (Board members Doug Stormont, Nicole Schlosser, Steve Kennedy)

2006 - 2009

2006-2009 road work (click link to see)

Nuisance process 5/24/06

Salt shed 6-21-06

Eastham Way Grant $414,000.00 July 5, 2006

Ended 2006 with a balanced budget first since 2001.

The passage of the Darby Accord Agreement the board laid the framework for the town ship to develop without being annexed into Columbus.



Noise resolution May 23rd, 2007

Road department shop building $305,000.00

Giant eagle opened June 21st, 2007

First discussion on community center July 2nd, 2007

Inah Ave 1.4 million Road improvement

First Rat Complaints July 18, 2007

Jedd & Jedz Aug. 29, 2007

Resolution against OAW rate increase

Township Commercial Building Dept Started 12-19-2007

Grener Phase 1 1, $105,845.00

Brought 9 lost on Hubbard Rd for further use $20,000.00


Mix Stiles Apt torn down April 16, 2008 Res 16-08 Mary 5 Tear down

4-9-08 stopped

4-23-08 Roadwork $307,872.24

Inah Rd ProJet $1,420,000

2008 expenditures $7.2 million

Transient vendor resolution 21-08

Motion against OAW increase

Created Prairie Township Land Bank 35-08



Grener Rd Phase 2 awarded $3,064,953.00

New Medic $194,754.76

Darby Accord Passed

Township resurfacing $265,227.00

Started engineering W Broad street scape

Road Resurfacing $265,845.35

HR-01-09 opposing OAW increase

Fight the Hike Campaign

Letter to Ohio Attorney General to investigate OAW


2010-2013 Road Work

New Road Dept. Truck $68,448.00

Formed Prairie Twp. CIC

324 & 330 Building demolished

Fight the Hike success in lowering Rate increase

Demolition of 455 Mix

Resolution 2410 Supporting HB344 Senate Bill 228 OAW

Resolution Supporting Central Ohio Green Pack

Passed Jedd Res 3310



Fire Marshal Feb 1, 2011

Road improvement $234,331.10

New Fire engine 9-11-11

C.E.D.A. Agreement with Obetz

Opposing OAW increase

Nov 2011 Jedz Passes Vote 2351 for 1930 against



Discussion starts on Community center

Steering committee Joe Cruz (Home Depot) Phil Wagner (SWCS) Debbie Wilder (Doc Hosp) Sherman Ferguson LVRA Suzie Williams (Senior Center) Jeff Ferrelli (Clover Estate) Julie Eberts (Lake Darby) Tracy Hatmaker (Advisory member)

Demolition of Hometown Inn

Carl Frye Shelter house approved

Started receiving complaints on water & sewer County

Updated Township westie & Zoning software

Traffic calming policy adopted



Added hours to sheriff contract

Leaf & Brush program started

Speed Trailer Purchased

Bought Community Center Land and Sports Complex land

Started township wide electric & gas aggregation programs

Woodlawn & Beacon Hill Road Projects

Started annual Township Report

Walking path Lakota Park

Community Center Schematic design

445 & 447 Emmit Ave. demo

Fire House meeting over County water & sewer rates

Received AA bond rating

ODOT maintain agreement giving township right to maintain the Broad St Corridor

Groundbreaking Community Center 11-21-2013


2014-2017 Road Work

Township website updated

Hire Community Center Director

14 Metro West Apt torn down

2014 Road Repair budget

Galloway Rd sports Complex started


Remodel zoning office

Started Farmers Market

Community Center Grand Opening 7-10-2015


Township started posting finances on Ohio Checkbook

Street tree program Res 04-16

New Medic $189,763.86

$500,000.00 for Sports Complex

New clear Span Salt structure

West Broad Zoning overlay

New Broad Street signs

Bucket truck purchase $105,560.00

Kubota Utility vehicle Broad St. Maintenance

New Backhoe $89,294.70


Panhandling & do not knock resolutions

Replace all Lincoln Village Curb ramps $410,454.00

Contracted with Grove City for Fire Dispatching

Passed Resolution 15-17 Supporting house bill 49

Would turn control of Columbus water to a regional authority

Sports Complex Concession stand $494,439.00

Hellbranch Multi use trail

Fire levy 2018?


2018-2021 Road Work

Hometown honors banners program

County water & sewer meeting at Westland

Conforming boundaries negotiation started with Columbus

New Administrator search

FEMA Grant for Houses on Tamera


New phone system all township building

Passed credit card policy

ODNR grant $490,000 sports complex

Safe Place Program with Huckleberry House

North Grener Speed bumps

Website updated

New Fire Engine $560,000.00

Prairie Statehouse recognition 200-year Bicentennial

Beacon Hill Speed bumps

Homes on the Hill partnership 230 & 306 Evergreen

Numerous upgrades to Sport complex

Fire FEMA Grant $271,570.00

Tamera Road FEMA Grand Awarded

BWC Fire Grant $46,564.90


New Backhoe $96,306.21

Covid closure of Community Center March 13, 2020

Meeting closed & live streamed March 25, 2020

Meeting Facebook life

FEMA Fire Grand $217,016.00
2020 Roadwork $381,006.50

Continued working on Sports Complex, Ball Diamond Funding

Homes on Hill Contributions $50,000.00

Nov. 20, 2020 Notice of Solar coming to township

Sixteen years ago, the Township’s Broad Street’s corridor was starting to decline. There were multiple eyesores along the corridor. Remember the vacant Hometown Inn, the old mattress store. The township’s only grocery store (Big bear) was closed and sitting vacant.  The whole corridor did not have sidewalks or streetlights. Today we have a corridor that Prairie Township residents can take pride in. The West Broad Street corridor took years of planning to get it right. The board signed agreements with ODOT, to give the Township the right to maintain the corridor instead of ODOT. This means the sidewalks, trees, and plants are the township’s responsibility to maintain.  Township residents can take pride in the fact that Prairie Township is one of only a few Townships that have found a way to finance and build a community center. Prairie Township Community Center now is the central hub for all kind of activities. Prairie Township residents have become accustomed to high level of township services. It is my opinion we currently have the best Fire/EMS, sheriff, zoning, and road department of any area in central Ohio. Prairie Township residents can now say Prairie Township is a great place to Live, Work and Play.

Paid for by the committee to elect Kennedy