Fact Checks



    Steve Kennedy is the owner of Steve’s County Drive Thru. Steve and his wife Karen, have been married for 42 years. They have two children, Marcus and Lindsey, and four grandchildren. Both Steve and Karen were raised in Prairie Township neighborhoods and graduated from Westland High School. After high school they lived in Beacon Hill and Lincoln Park West apartments. They bought their first house in the Township at 391 Yarmouth Ln.,  and have lived in their current residence at 6621 West Broad Street for the last 34 years. During and after high school, Steve worked at Sears Distribution for 22 years until they closed in 1994. After 22 years Steve was unemployed for the first time in his life and decided to go into business for himself. This is where Steve got his first Township experience. Steve went through the Township rezoning process to get his property rezoned to build and open Steve’s Country Drive Thru.  In 2004 Steve started hearing rumors about Prairie Township spending money at an alarming rate so he started attending Township Trustee meetings on a regular basis and became familiar with Township finances. During 2002 -2005 Prairie Township spent $3,991,287 in excess of their revenue. In 2005 before being elected, Steve was able to slow down some of the excessive spending by organizing and filing the first two referendums in Prairie Township history. These referendums stopped a new water and sewer plant from being built along Hellbranch Creek, and to put the proposed property maintenance code on the ballot where it was defeated. Steve also testified before the Franklin County Budget Commission in 2005 that stopped the 1.6 mill unvoted inside millage property tax increase being requested by the Township Trustees, again saving taxes for Township residents. Steve asks what have the other candidates done for you?


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